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Actor | Singer

Philadelphia, PA

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About Me

Just a kid from Akron. Raised in North Carolina. Now I call Philadelphia my home.

I graduated from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill with a BA in Dramatic Arts and a BS in Environmental Science. I am just as passionate about story-telling onstage as I am about creative solutions for the climate crisis. And if we can put those two together - even better!

I moved to Philadelphia in 2018 looking to engage in the vibrant arts community. I started out working on South Street and found a tribe of creative people who are now some of my closest friends. My love and passion for theatre are fueled by its profound ability to provide commentary on current issues and spark conversation, as well as impact the lives and thoughts of the audience.


One of my favorite projects has been "no less than the trees and the stars;" - a collaborative piece focused on mental health and the strength it takes to ask for support.



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